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A Devil in a midnight mass
I pray behind stained glass
tonight's episode 
28th-Oct-2013 03:22 am
Dominoed Daredoll
I can do Tumblr now!

People, I know how to make fake cuts on Tumblr. And it took me only two years! I'm so proud of myself right now *rolls eyes*

So Hook knew all along that there was a cure but was okay to let David die until daddy Charming mention that Emma would never be with him 'cause he's a pirate?

How exactly that makes him a hero? He did nothing, he was sitting there, watching David slowly dying and could this show start making some sense? Okay, you want him to be the big damn hero he's not? How about helping the others when he has nothing to gain? I mean, he got a reward for something he should have done ages ago; help a dying man.

Just like Neal, I think I like young!Hook better than old!Hook.

On the other hand, bitches get stuff done! Emma wasn't an idiot...for once this season. I mean, she wasn't until the time she kissed Hook because Hook did the right thing and, you know, when a guy does something right he needs a reward.

Next time a guy opens a door for me I'll blow him one because apparently that'a what good girl do to boys when they do the right thing; give them a reward.

For doing the right thing.

The messages the show is sending this season are beyond logic. It's like we went in a time machine and we're back to 50's.

Back to the girls.

Regina is official the Bucky Barnes of the group. For those not familiar with Captain America (the comic book, not the movie), Bucky was Cap's sidekick and usually the person that did all the 'dirty' job Cap couldn't do. Like shot and kill enemies.

I'm not going to bother you much, but Bucky is one of my favorite characters and go see Captain America: Winter Soldier for some Bucky awesomeness!

Sebastian Stan is playing Bucky so extra bonus!

Back on topic.

Regina is awesome. She does what it needs to be done to find Henry and this time Emma agrees with her. Snow is against it...at first because she knows how magic can corrupt a person.

Fuck you, Snow.

I love you and your bow, but fuck you.

Henry is still a Charming. I swear that kid asks the stupidest questions ever. No, Henry, they are not in Neverland dude They are livestreaming from Storybrooke!

To sum up; girls over bros, Regina is awesome, I ship David/Hook and oh, yeah. Hook knows Neal's alive and in Neverland so let's see how much time it will take him to tell Emma.

I'm sure he'll tell her right away.

And ask for a kiss for doing the right thing.

EDIT: Regina is fucking Ursula!
28th-Oct-2013 01:52 am (UTC)
:scratches head:

maybe i should just stop at the end of season two or something...cuz WTF.

(btw, on skype if you got time. :)
28th-Oct-2013 03:16 pm (UTC)
I don't know. That's my opinion, you might like it :P
28th-Oct-2013 01:50 pm (UTC)
LOL I knew Hook knew there was a cure since the previous episode, he was being too shifty so I just knew!!:p

This season troubles me a bit too, lol, it seems to be making no sense, but I'm wondering if they're building up a 'Neverland addled their minds' insanity plea somewhere along the line,indeed!:/

Not seen the epi yet, downloading right now!!:D
28th-Oct-2013 03:25 pm (UTC)
Auto akribos einai to problima mou me ton Hook. Iksere oti ypirxe therapia kai den ekane tipota gia auto mexri pou o David tou eipe oti h Emma den tha mporouse na paei pote mazi tou.

Kai ksafnika, o Hook apofasise na boithisei ton David.

To thema pou exo me ton Hook einai oti ton parousiazoun san hroa eno den exei kanei tipota mexri stigmis gia na dikaiologei auto ton 'titlo'.

O,ti exei kanei, kalo h kako, to exei kanei gia diko tou sumferon. Opos tora, me tin therapia. Afise ton David na ftasei ena bima prin ton thanato giati den exei kati na kerdisei. Kai molis brike mia eukairia gia na mpei sto braki tis Emma, ksafnika thimithike tin therapia.

Entaxei, geleios san character. San hroas ennoo. Ama ton afinane na einai second rate villain opos stin s2 den tha eixa kanena problima.

Alla auto pou sonei kai kala ton parousiazoun san hroa, entaxei, poli ligos.

Kai den mporo na katalabo pos oi Captain Swan fans einai xaroumenoi meta apo auto to episodio. Eixe toso arnitiko prosopo o Hook pou ego san fan tou mexri tora den mporesa na bro dikaiologia gia tis praxeis tou.

Tha mou peis, pirate.

Kai? O young!Hook, opos kai o young!Neal, itan poli pio oraioi characters apo tous old eautous tous. Kai ama o Neal exei mia dikaiologia oti den iksere gia ton Henry, o Hook den exei kamia.

Na min sxoliaso to 'Man of Honor' pou leei sto telos. Eskasa sta gelia.

Mou thumizei typous pou methoun mia gunaika kai otan gia x logous den tin pidane, sugxeroun ton euatou tous gia tin egkratia tous.

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